Okay, You Have the Job... Wanna Keep It ?

Okay, You Have the Job... Wanna Keep It ?

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Publisher: Eloquent Books
ISBN: 9781609761011
Publication: 07/2014
Format: ebook PDF
DRM: Yes
Language: English
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Sometimes great things do come in small packages. This new book is certainly proof of that! Okay, You Have the Job. Wanna Keep It? will become your No. 1 survival tool for hanging in there while others are losing their jobs. With the business world changing every day – and becoming younger as it does – what steps do you need to take to survive the corporate jungle? Competition is fierce for every single job out there. Okay, You Have the Job tells you everything you need to know to ensure success, from getting the job to holding on to it! This book teaches you how to function effectively and efficiently right from the start, as well tipping you off to the traits that executives look for when hiring. In order to succeed and survive, you’ve got to become invaluable to your employer, and this how-to book provides the answers.