Revolution in the skies

Revolution in the skies

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Publisher: Profit Editorial
ISBN: 9788418464676
Publication: 08/2021
Format: ebook EPUB
DRM: Yes
Language: English
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More than 400 million passengers flew in Europein 2018 on board airlines labelled as low cost, representing around 36% of the total air traffic in the continent. And in some countries, such as Spain, this number exceeded 50%. This gives an idea of the popularity that this business model has achieved, which shoulda priori be accompanied by familiarity with the basic principles upon which it is based. However, despite the fact that almost one out of every two passengers uses this type of airline for their travel, the low cost business model is a great unknown, not only for the general public, but also for many media and politicians alike.

This lack of understanding has given rise to all kinds of clichés and preconceived ideas about what are the pillars on which the business model is based. This book is designed to shed some light around it, explaining how it can be possible that a flight might be even cheaper than the taxi between the airport and the final destination, and still make a reasonable return for the airline.On this, having low costs, although a necessary condition for success, it is not enough if not joined by another pillar which is key for the revolution that has made air travel affordable for millions of consumers.