Sins of the Sitter

Sins of the Sitter

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Publisher: None
ISBN: 9781934349854
Publication: 02/2007
Format: ebook EPUB
DRM: Yes
Language: English
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The author of the Slut-Boy Stories has penned another nasty tale of male submission at the hands of one formidable Dominatrix. Eighteen year old, Dan Boynton has just inherited his family estate following his parents' tragic death. Rattling around his lonely old house, he spies his sexy twenty-four year old neighbor sunbathing nude. The buxom, beautiful Amazon Jen used to babysit for him years ago. He fondly remembers the innocent games they used to play - cops and robbers, cowboys and Indians, with Dan the victim and Jen a powerful villainess who could make him do anything she wanted. Now all grown up, he thinks a date with Jen might be a ticket to a whole new world of fun and games. But when Jen shows up on his doorstep dressed in eye-popping leather, it's clear that she'll take their games to a whole new level! He fears, he'll be her hapless victim once again. She starts right off with a nasty punishment for his spying on her. Then after binding him to the bed, she promises to fuck away his virginity, if he agrees to submit. What else can he do! Daniel has never been able to say no to the luscious Jen, and he can't say no now. But suddenly his cock is locked away in a chastity cage, and Jen begins to systematically turn her charge into the perfectly feminized Danielle, her dutiful servant. Mistress Jen demands a whole new level of submission. When Jen installs a secret dungeon in the house, the subjugation and humiliation of Danielle turn brutal. Completely emasculated, 'she' serves her formidable Mistress.