Spiked Heel

Spiked Heel

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Publisher: None
ISBN: 9781950910113
Publication: 07/2019
Format: ebook EPUB
DRM: Yes
Language: English
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Five devilish novellas featuring wicked women who bring the men in their lives to heel. Playing to the Gallery – a man reports to a woman for punishment and finds himself engrossed in an all-consuming game over which he has no control. The Old Schoolhouse – Nine ‘students’ relive the days of yesteryear when they enroll at a day-school run by a team of female teachers. Gradually, fantasies are supplemented by the cold realization of strict discipline. For some, far more than they bargained for. The Girl in Wooden Sandals – A soldier returns home from active duty to discover life has passed him by in his absence. That is until he meets a girl who rehabilitates him in the most unusual manner. At Your Service – A husband and wife are at a loss as to what to buy each other for Christmas, until on a boozy evening, they reveal their deepest secrets. Events quickly spiral out of control. Add the help of a male escort and astonishing results ensue. Spiked Heel – An interview with a formidable woman plunges a writer into a twilight world when what should be a routine assignment quickly turns sour. Under the woman's spell, desperate to gratify her in return for her attention and ready to all but sell his soul, the writer realizes he can no longer believe what he sees or thinks is real. But does he care?